Questionnaire for the DOWA Group CSR Report

Since FY2007, we have been publishing CSR Report, so that many more people can understand DOWA group’s CSR activities.

Your comments and suggestions will help us enrich the CSR activities and the CSR report, so we would appreciate your cooperation.

Comments and suggestions on “The DOWA Group CSR report 2016”

Please click your one or multiple choice(s) to fill in this questionnaire.

Q1. How do you rate “The DOWA Group CSR report 2016”? (One choice per one question)


Excellent Satisfactory Insufficient


Long Appropriate Short


Good Satisfactory Poor


Easy Satisfactory Difficult

Q2. Which subject did you find the most interesting? (Multiple choices)

CSR ManagementMessage from the Management
 About DOWA group
 DOWA’s contribution to social issues through our business
 Overseas businesses of DOWA group
 CSR Policy and plan
The measure according to CSR fieldGovernance
A stakeholder's voiceQuestionnaire result
 Opinion of a Third Party
CSR ManagementExpansion of overseas business and CSR

Q3. What are your expectations for the DOWA Group’s activities? (Choose up to 5)

Cooperate governance resource circulation (recycle)
Countermeasures against global warming (CO2 reduction) Environmental pollution control measure(EG. air pollution, water pollution)
Energy saving Conservation of biodiversity/ecosystem
Development and Offering good products/services for environment and society CSR procuration (Supply-chain management)
coproduction with communal society Occupational Safety and Health
Work-Life balance Regional employment
Ethical and transparent activity and information disclosure Respect for human right

Q4. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions.


Please click your one choice to fill in this questionnaire.


10 - 19 20 - 29
30 - 39 40 - 49
50 - 59 60 - 69
70 - 79 above 80


male female


Customer Business acquaintance
Public Institution School/Educational institution
Company/Organization Shareholder/Investor
NGO/NPO Research institution
Journalist Person, who lives near a DOWA Group office
DOWA Group employee or his/her family Other

How did you come to this CSR web site of the DOWA group? Where did you get information?

From DOWA HD's website From the other DOWA Group website
Yahoo! google
other search site used your bookmark

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